Basic Water Heaters Repair Services

Have you ever find yourself awakened by the sound made by your water heater? Have you considered asking the help of a reliable water heaters repair provider? You do not have to look far because Jhony's Plumbing Services has always been here to offer you assistance. We provide excellent repair services for electric and gas water heaters. But don’t take our word for it. Let our numerous works all over San Pablo, CA speak for themselves. They often involve the following:

  • Electric Water Heater – We have earned the respect of our fellow plumbing services provider in San Pablo, CA because we do not just offer temporary relief. We provide lasting plumbing solutions. This being said, we make sure that this kind of water heaters repair will be the best solution for you. Other than having our reputation on the line, we would put a hundred percent focus and attention on this project because we know that water and electricity do not mix well. We have seen the devastating effects of haphazardly done work.
  • Our first step for this water heaters repair project would be to identify the damage. Most of the times, it involves the thermostat and two other elements. If we see a water puddle underneath the tank, then we highly suggest that the entire unit should be replaced. But before proceeding with the inspection of the water heater, we would shut off the power. Once done, we will continue with our work.
  • Gas Water Heater – In this kind of repair job, our first step would be to assess the damage. If you have noticed that your water heater has stopped working, it might be caused by a damaged pilot. If relighting it does not do the trick, we would often recommend replacing the thermocouple.

If you suspect something is amiss with your water heater, then you should immediately consult with Jhony's Plumbing Services. We can guarantee five-star water heater services. So before things go from bad to worse, you should call us at (415) 632-2695!

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