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Your plumbing system is an important part of your home or office that you should always have maintained regularly to ensure that you avoid problems caused by a bad or malfunctioning plumbing system. Here, at Jhony's Plumbing Services, we take plumbing repairs seriously. As a trusted residential and commercial plumber in San Pablo, CA, we are a group of dedicated and skilled plumbers who can tackle any problems that your plumbing system has. Our services include:


Your sinks are prone to problems such as leaks and clogging. Every day there are a lot of debris that goes into your sinks such as hair, soap, and other contaminants that can compromise the functionality of your sink. If you do experience problems with your sink, call us right away and we will send an expert team of sink repairs specialists to check your sink for any damage that might become worse over time. As a trusted residential plumber, we will make sure that all problems are fixed during the first visit.


Your kitchen is one of the places that are dependent on your plumbing. If your kitchen plumbing has problems such as leaks and broken faucets, we are here to provide you with expert kitchen repairs services to ensure that everything is back to good working condition. From sanitation plumbing to fixing faucets, we pay strict attention to detail and ensure that everything is fixed and stays fixed for a long time.

Jhony's Plumbing Services is the plumber that you can rely on to fix plumbing problems in your home or office in San Pablo, CA. As a dedicated plumbing contractor, we offer nothing but the best services for our customers. Call us now at (415) 632-2695, or you can also visit our office in San Pablo, CA. We have over 18 years of industry experience and our plumbers are always updated with the latest plumbing technology.

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