Fix Pipe Leaks by Yourself

Basic Residential Plumbing Repair Tips on Leaks

Unless you’re an expert, doing a residential plumbing repair project on your own takes a lot of time and effort. Yes, it is wise to hire a residential plumbing specialist to do this task for you. However, it is also important to understand the basics. Listed below are some tips in troubleshooting and fixing pipe leaks.

  • Insulate your Pipes – Water in the pipe that is still throughout cold temperatures can freeze. You could prevent this by leaving your faucets open. However, a better solution is to wrap your pipes and affected areas with insulation.
  • Unclutter your Sink – Organize whatever items are under your sink. Doing so lets you check the piping for potential leaks. It can also prevent the piping to leak due to clutter.
  • Install a Hose Bib – A frost-free hose bib is ideal for setting back the spigot valve. It lets you shut off the water inside the home to prevent freezing. This is quite handy, especially for piping that goes through a cement foundation.
  • Level your Radiator – Radiators should always pitch back towards the steam source. These should also have an open valve. These two things will allow the condensed water to drain back to the boiler.
  • Patch your Water Heater – Most water heaters leak due to the lining wearing away. If your heater drips at a constant rate, you should seek professional help. If you decide to change your heater, make sure to have a pan under it.
  • Replace the Gasket – A probable cause for dripping shower spouts is either a defective washer or seat within its body. If there are isolation valves, then you should be able to replace the gasket with ease.
  • Trace Back Wall Leaks – Some leaks may trace towards the back of the wall. For this, you will have to disassemble the drain work. Another solution is to tighten it with your hands or a wrench.
  • Buy Washers and O-Rings – Before considering a new fixture, you should first check the washers within. Remove and replace any defective components before testing for drips.
  • Replace Old Faucets – There might come a time when it will be difficult to find spare parts for old faucets. For that, it would be advisable to install new ones.

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