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Can you smell the pronounced smell of backflow? You may be fully aware the foul consequences of ignoring this problem. But how should you address this dilemma? Have you thought of engaging in professional plumbing services to solve this? You do not have to look elsewhere for excellent commercial plumbing service because Jhony's Plumbing Services is right here. Entrepreneurs all over San Pablo, CA often come knocking at our doors for five-star plumbing services. Here are some reasons why they trust us:

  • Commercial Backflow Service – If you are not certain if you are having backflow in your offices, here is a quick explanation of what it is. It is the reverse flow of water coming from the drain pipes through the clean supply lines. You must take note that this water would most likely contain feces, pesticides, chemicals, and other hazardous materials. This would lead to the contamination of your water. But you do not have to worry because, with our knowledge on commercial plumbing, we can solve this nasty problem.

We have earned the trust of so many entrepreneurs in San Pablo, CA because we believe that prevention is better than cure. This is why we offer the annual inspection of backflow valves as part of our commercial plumbing services. This will ensure that the business is in strict compliance with government standards. You have to keep in mind that your company will be fined if backflow testing is not done on time.

  • Kitchen Disposal Service – Just like with residential plumbing, this service is essential in preventing clogs in your drain pipes. Considering the bulk of materials that passes through them, commercial garbage disposal systems are often overpowered by these things. This is why we offer this kind of commercial plumbing service because we have witnessed the vile results of ignoring the plight of kitchen disposal systems.

Before anything awful would happen to the pipes in your office, you should ask the help of Jhony's Plumbing Services. We can guarantee five-star commercial plumbing services and all you have to do is call us at (415) 632-2695 today.

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